Great Old Video & Photo Effects App, and Still Free:)

24 06 2013

I know this app is only for the iPod touch/iPhone, but I still love it and still use it. (It’s also old; however, there are always tons of apps in the App Store – more than we know about or what to do with, and always being added to!  Generally the only apps you know about are those featured on the homepage or that you find out about.)  I made a short YouTube, embedded below, to show all the effects it can produce for both video and photos by simply touching/tapping the screen (video comes with; photos are an in-app upgrade @ .99 cents – fabulously, you can also have an option to have little snowflakes flutter across the screen while filming, though I did not include that in the YouTube:)  It’s a nice change from the standard video or photo, and is fascinating to see an animated effect in contrast to the usual way of doing things.

Imagine if you read a public domain poem (such as from this app) and filmed it with Cartoonatic and sent it to someone – a gift that keeps on giving! (As always, know your purpose in advance (as well as your audience, or at least well enough to know that your selection would be well met), choose wisely, practice, and express yourself!)

Download the Cartoonatic app for FREE here on the App Store.



4 responses

24 06 2013
Cori Macphail

That looks cool!

Take care, Cori

24 06 2013

Looks fun! Thanks for putting the link in as well!

24 06 2013

You’re most welcome! Enjoy!!

26 06 2013

That is so cool! Thanks for the tip. You never know with so many apps purporting to do the same thing in the store and then you download it and it’s not quite what you expected.
On a different side note, I can’t believe you can look so great on so little sleep! Show off… :)

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