WOW! New Likes And Follows!!

24 06 2013

5 followers_5 likes

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WOW!!  Yesterday and today I had been running around doing errandserrandserrands for one of our son’s birthdays, and my WordPress App kept giving off the most delightful chime that I could not check while I was driving, nor while methodically moving through my lists and mental hamster-wheel of tasks to stay on top of, relegating it to “later”.  WELL.  GUESS WHAT?!  I am well chuffed and if I may say so, floored, that I have been receiving “likes” and a couple of new subscribers to the old ittybittyomniblog, here!!  WOW, You guys!  WOW!  It was not even my birthday, today, but I am humbled by receiving such responses.  ThankYouThankYouThankYou!!!  You are all beautiful, fabulous, and wonderful, and don’t let nobody tell you any different!



2 responses

24 06 2013

Well, you are fabulous!

24 06 2013

Takes one to know one, Cori; takes one to know one;D

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