Tonto & The Lone Ranger – THUNDER TYPING!!!

16 08 2013

I am not sure how to say it; it is such a heavy, light movie.  And like a truly great movie, I left the theatre transformed.  I am sincerely grateful to everyone involved with that project for doing everything it took to bring it to fruition:  it is a marvel of each person’s genius.

Our oldest son gave my husband and I his movie theatre gift card that his Aunt and Grandmother had given him as part of his birthday present, saying that he wanted us to use it to go to a movie together; not so he could get us out and about so he could get up to something, but because he is a genuinely caring, and giving person, and just wanted to do something nice for us.  (Thank You, honey – I deeply appreciate it, and I love you, too:)  And wow, what a movie!!

I watched the trailers for this movie so many times that everyone in the family would just smile at me, shake their heads slightly, and leave the room.  Our second eldest can quote the trailers, and which trailer contains what.  That’s how much I just enjoyed the trailers, alone!

When I was trying to tell the kids about it, they panicked and said, “NO SPOILERS!!  DON’T WRECK IT!!”  Which is a bit tricky and a total bummer if you’ve actually seen The Lone Ranger, I loved it that much.  The performances were stellar – dagnabbit, everything was stellar!   I had really been looking forward to seeing it with our kids and with friends, and with, like, anyone who would like to go see it because I want to see it again.  And again.  I am so disappointed at the length of time they kept it in the theatre for here, and also that it was fairly briskly moved to a once per day showing of 9:40pm , and then that they finished that run at that late showing on a Wednesday in only one theatre in about 45 minutes outside of the city.  What’s up with that?!  Once it’s available to own, I am watching it as many times as I like before resting it and then watching it again because I don’t want to diminish any of the feeling.   There are a lot of movies I love, but this is the first one ever to strike me as a song that I want to play over and over just to savour its perfection.  It’s just The Lone Ranger, right; it’s just a movie.  But if it’s just a movie, why is it being criticized and treated so unjustly?

Out of respect for people who do NOT like spoilers, I will just say the things I liked about this movie, and hope that I have remembered everything because I certainly loved everything, even the parts that I didn’t like – that no one likes – injustice, unfairness, bigotry, mistreatment, disrespect, etc. – they just got everything right, and I love them for it.

Ok: here’s what’s right with this movie, in no particular order:

  • casting
  • writing, directing, overseeing – everything necessary to this – I won’t even go into breaking this down into further details
  • acting
  • quirks, irony, comic moments, subtleties
  • costumes, jewlery
  • sets – ALL the sets, trains, buildings, desert
  • stunts, special effects
  • makeup – and aging makeup!
  • music
  • elderly storytelling lapses
  • San Francisco circus
  • “It came to me in a vision.”  then:  “Hi, Tonto!”, said in passing, just as he’s answered John Reid about why they’re where they are in that moment (ok; not really a spoiler, right?  I couldn’t resist that clever funny bit!)
  • railroad
  • railroad barons
  • the variety of characters and purposes of those employed by the railroad barons
  • Red’s ivory leg with gun barrels and the painting of her previous career
  • Comanche charge
  • cavalry, gatling guns
  • loss of innocence
  • Tonto & LR got baddies that they’d been dealing directly with
  • There were really good nods to the spaghetti westerns
  • This list feels seriously incomplete, that’s now much I love this movie.

They captured everything.  And the quirks and life breathed into all the characters, spoken and unspoken, were so vibrant and engaging.  This is the kind of movie that I think most people’s soul’s cry for – I know mine did.  How critics can be panning it is (thankfully) beyond me – and thankfully I am not paid to criticize the work of another or others.  I am grateful for this movie, also, because it seriously updated the Lone Ranger story that had been fed to everyone watching the original television show of yesteryear, adding more dimension, wholeness, and dignity to the characters; much more appreciative and respectful, a well-written and well played story, and to great effect.

See this movie with family.  See it with friends.  See it with acquaintances! Discuss!

Again, I LOVE this movie, and I think it gives and says so much – and still manages to be very entertaining.  I am so glad that I totally disregarded any and all criticism of this movie, including any expressed lack of interest in it, and just watched the trailers and gave it a chance in order to decide for myself; I carry it in my heart.  I hope it’s successful in iTunes & DVD sales; whether or not it is, I am going to have a copy, and keep it in my library.

I thought this Lone Ranger interview that our daughter sent me was good, too:–critics-“slit-the-jugular”-of-lone-ranger-141408705.html




4 responses

17 08 2013

Did you like the movie? :)

17 08 2013

HAH! Srsly, this is such a great movie!! I really hope that people just give it a chance to be what it is, and I hope that it gets the appreciation that I think it is warranted. When I say it’s a heavy light movie, I mean that it’s really packed with a lot of stuff that they balanced out with their creative genius to make it lighter when and where they could. And they made it fun! The stunts were fantastic! (Ruh-roh! I’m getting enthusiastic just talking about the spirit of the movie – WHEN will it be out on dvd/iTunes?!! Maybe we’ll have to have a Lone Ranger party and invite people to watch it with us;D)

3 09 2013

I finally got to see it and I think they were unfairly lambasted! I LOVED IT! I thought they had great chemistry and it was a good mix of modern with the old spaghetti western style. I hope they make a sequel with more adventures and also the storyline with his love interest to develop more. I hadn’t seen Armie Hammer in anything before and was pleasantly surprised with how well he played his role, too.
With all the love you gave this movie, they should invite you to the next premiere or to interview them… in which case, I volunteer to mic them and unpack your bags. ;D

3 09 2013

I know, right?! I love this movie, and I love what they did with it! I am really looking forward to getting this on iTunes! I have told everyone I know about it, every time a movie conversation comes up, because I feel it has been so overlooked based on biased criticism; this movie is such a treasure, I hope it goes wild at least in DVD/digital sales. Thank You for your kind words, as well as your flattery, of which I happily accept both. I wrote sincerely; recognizing greatness and beauty in all noble forms is important and inspiring for everyone everywhere, and something people can easily appreciate. In the making of this movie they have created something significant and so well done! In regards to whether or not they decide to flesh out (no pun intended;D) John Reid’s intimate relationship, if there does end up being a sequel, is for whatever reason immaterial to me for this particular movie, as just the romance of the movie and all the characters, the storytelling, the pacing, the everything, just swept me along with it. This movie has so much to give, I would think it natural for everyone to fall in love with it.

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